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Gregg Harris
Vacation Photo Album


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Here are some pictures from Star Trek sites. I dont have any Vacation Photos to post so I am posting these wallpaper images I downloaded from Star Trek Sites.

The Way Of The Warrior.  Probably my favorite character from Star Trek

This Wallpaper image shows Worf superimposed over Deep Space Nine. Also shows Cardassian war ships and Federation ships in combat.

I may include a link to the current weather conditions at our vacation spot below.

Federation Fleet 3D Wallpaper

A very cool 3D wallpaper of the Federation Fleet massing to attack the Dominion.

Enterprise-D External Schematic

Enterprise D from The Next Generation television show. Shows external schematics and shuttle craft, also gives craft dimensions.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I'll describe another picture from my vacation.